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We’re delighted announce the launch of the Manchester Money Scholarship Fund, this project will be dedicated to widening opportunities for young aspirational cricketers. Cricket can be an expensive sport, making it difficult to progress and access equal opportunities without financial backing. A shining light of what this fund can do is Aadam Ali, who has been a TCAF scholarship recipient for 4 years now. The young leg spinner from Oldham has gone from playing local club Cricket through to being named Lancashire u14s Player of the Year in 2020 and this year being awarded a place on the prestigious Emerging Player Program. With the fantastic support of Manchester Money we will be able to help many more youngsters like Aadam reach their potential.

The aim of the Manchester Money Scholarship Fund is to remove financial barriers to allow aspirational young cricketers reach their full potential. Successful applicants will receive financial support to access additional coaching sessions and to purchase the necessary equipment and playing kit required to advance within what can sometimes be a cost prohibitive sport.

This is a fantastic opportunity for young Cricketers who will benefit from:

  • access to elite coaching
  • use of state of the art facilities
  • new playing equipment

Scholarship eligibility:

Successful applicants will be:

  • 10-19 years old
  • Playing cricket at a club in a local league.

and need to meet some of the requirements below.

  • Have the work ethic to progress and benefit from a scholarship
  • In a position where Cricket could play an active role in rehabilitation and/or personal development
  • Disadvantaged by way of financial backing to achieve goals within Cricket
  • Registered with physical or learning disabilities

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