Michael Jones

The TCA Foundation chairman, Michael has always been a passionate Cricket lover and is a big believer is providing a level playing field for young cricketers.


Name: Michael Jones

Job: National Accounts Manager for GG Compactors

What made you want to be involved with TCA Foundation? I noticed that the majority of England’s are from a private school background, and also knew a good friend who couldn’t send their child to county training due to lack of financial backing. So the chance to try and help with some of these issues and offer more balanced opportunities. level the playing field!

What is your earliest Cricket memory? I remember being about 4 or 5 year old and wearing pads at Kings Cross CC in Halifax, walking round the ground and they were miles too big! Also my Dad took me to the test match at Headingley in 1963 v the West Indies, and he had to miss Fred Trueman get wickets because i needed the toilet!

Most memorable cricket moment, personal or watching? Without a doubt seeing Ben Stokes’ 135 not out at Headingley in 2019! and personally my best of 6-26 with the ball and 44 not out batting.

Cricketing Idols? Bowling Denis Lillee and for batting and fielding Derek Randell, more recently Ben Stokes

Favourite country visited? Malaysia, no cricket there but i loved it!

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