JJ Brouwer

“JJ” is an individual we’ve been working with since June 2015, JJ was leading a full active life before his illness, and he was a high level boxing coach running his own gym.

“I was at the top of my game, managing a prestigious health club and teaching Boxing. I was nearly 15 stone of muscle and 6/8% body fat, I wasn’t shy for a date!” 

Since then JJ’s life was turned upside down due to ill health, and he was no longer able to lead the life he had made for himself.

“Essentially my cognitive senses are a little cross wired, balance and speech are probably the most noticeable, along with a distinct lack of self-confidence. I’m under the assessment of a neurologist who has been working with me. But on a more personal level the lack of being able to do the above has created a paradoxical world with a host of very serious mental health issues.”

JJ contacted the Cricket Asylum expressing his interest in taking up Cricket after many years away from the game. Funding was gained to offer JJ 1:1 coaching and was then supported by Matthew Dawson and Michael Jones at his first Cricket match since school, playing for Little Valley CC in an evening game at Brighouse Cricket Club during August 2015.

“Having the courage to make the call to the Cricket Asylum changed my life, playing Cricket has given me something to wake up for and look forward to in life. I am grateful to Matthew Dawson and all the other coaches for their time and patience”

JJ continues to have 1:1 coaching and is playing regularly for Little Valley Cricket Club.