Ian Newman

Ian is a 30 year Retail Banker with experience in multiple banks in the UK and the Middle–East. His career covers a wide range of roles including branch management and senior lending and exec roles and has given Ian the experience and knowledge to work with many different types of stakeholders from customers to business contacts and internally up to board and CEO level and he will bring this expertise to the Foundation.

Ian is passionate about cricket from his early school days, playing junior cricket at the Waverly club in Sydney through senior School cricket in Hampshire to first and second team cricket at Loughborough University and League cricket in Essex. He has also played in the Riyadh leagues and a few matches in the UAE though by that time as a veteran.  His cricket focus is now through his son who has benefitted from coaching through the Asylum and the strong club cricket structure in Yorkshire. The Foundation is a great opportunity for Ian to use cricket to give back something to the community.