The Netathon 2023

September 24, 2022 Matt Dawson 0

The 24-hour NETATHON is back… please join us to make it the biggest event yet… This is where the Cricketing community comes together to do […]


Integration through Cricket

September 23, 2022 Matt Dawson 0

In partnership with the amazing St Augustine’s centre in Halifax and funded by a grant award from the Community Foundation for Calderdale, TCA Foundation have been […]

open day

The HX1 Project

September 23, 2022 Matt Dawson 0

For some years now The Cricket Asylum Foundation have been working hard towards the goal of re introducing cricket into the central Halifax area. An […]


Michael Jones

December 15, 2020 Matt Dawson 0

The TCA Foundation chairman, Michael has always been a passionate Cricket lover and is a big believer is providing a level playing field for young […]


Mohammed Yousaf

December 15, 2020 Matt Dawson 0

Mo is a stalwart of local Cricket, not only a useful player but more so a passionate ambassador of the game and what it can […]


Glenn Kershaw

December 15, 2020 Matt Dawson 0

One of most recent additions to the TCA Foundation team, Glenn has a wealth of experience being involved in grass roots cricket. Whether it be […]