About Us

Based in West Yorkshire, The Cricket Asylum Foundation has been formed by a group of local cricket enthusiasts to provide a sustainable and meaningful service to both the wider community in which it operates in, and to the sport of Cricket. An organisation with strong ethical beliefs, with the passion and desire to help all its participants, The Cricket Asylum Foundation is here to give something back.

TCAF’s Social Aims: TCAF will provide an inclusive opportunity for disadvantaged people to participate in the game of cricket and other related sporting activities to make a positive difference to the community and the participants’ health & well being.

TCAF has a highly skilled team of trustees, with experiences in both playing and coaching cricket to high levels along with expertise in community relationships, business development, events and banking. This wide range of skill sets gives TCAF the experience and knowledge base to succeed as a successful charity. TCAF’s trustees will market the Foundation effectively to give maximum exposure to its corporate partners and increase awareness and recognition in both the Cricket and wider community.

“If TCAF can introduce a child or adult to the family of cricket it has got to be a bonus. Playing cricket should be for everyone at any standard it’s a wonderful way to meet new friends.”

Rowena Mercer, TCAF Trustee


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