Mohammed Yousaf

Mo is a stalwart of local Cricket, not only a useful player but more so a passionate ambassador of the game and what it can do for the local community.


Name: Mohammed Yousaf

Job: Job NHS Dental Practice Manager

What made you want to be involved with TCA Foundation? I am a passionate cricketer wanting to give something back to my community. Cricket has always been my inspiration to life and hope everyone would be able to play, enjoy and gain strength from it. Making good grounded individuals through sport. I was privileged to accept the Foundation position. As a trustee I love the vast experience we have as a group and hopefully achieve my life goals of seeing cricket back in central Halifax with their help.

What is your earliest Cricket memory? Other than breaking a window while playing street cricket the 1992 world cup dancing round the room celebrating with my dad after Pakistan won the world cup.

Most memorable cricket moment, personal or watching? First 100 at Bradshaw CC. Only time I might of shed a tear on a playing field.

Cricketing Idols? wow where do I start? Imran Khan, Ian Botham and Gus Logie. Role models in every sense. Truly Legends of the Sport.

Favourite country visited? Pakistan and Turkey.

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